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Gun Case WK-MP5-AC3

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  • K10711
  • 4,25 kg
  • 600 x 350 x 125
    (80 + 45 - )
  • 620 x 390 x 140 (L x B x H)
    The gun case WK-MP5-AC3 ensures the safe storage of the MP5 in the police or military vehicle.... more

    The gun case WK-MP5-AC3 ensures the safe storage of the MP5 in the police or military vehicle. The case can be attached to a heater, as well as to the body of a vehicle and is therefore theft-proof.

    All materials used are processed in such a way that injury-free handling is possible and comply with the highest requirements (fire and crash behavior). The case is equipped with an individual lock. Case and key can be clearly assigned.

    The closing mechanism is very stable and smooth running. The case can be carried and opened without a key.

    The ROX WK-MP5-AC3 gun case is equipped with a lockable mechanism, which prevents the theft of the gun. The system case and fastener is provided with a keyed lock. The built-in safety lock additonally protects the gun from unwanted access by third parties. Inside the fastener is a hardened, interlaced  chain up to 10 mm thick.

    The MP5, with mounted accessories, is optimally protected from shock and fall. The WK-MP5-AC3 offers sufficient space for 4 magazines. The optical aiming aid can remain mounted on the gun.The MP5 and the magazines can be removed easily and without interference after opening the case.


    Case Type: plastic
    Intended Purpose: Technical Devices, Universal

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